• s on the ma▓in board. The two rules are taken as a key step

    g promising small and medium enterp▓rises, with risks and profits possibly larger than the main board. There are two types of growth enterprise boards. One is represented by the Nasdaq, inde▓pendent from the main board. Another is attached to the main board. A listed

    closer to intro
  • ducing the much-anticipated GEM, a board intended to nur▓

    firm can u▓pgrade to the main board when strong enough. The Nasdaq is the most successfu▓l growth enterprise board, with high tech firms including giants Cisco, Microsoft and Intel. Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as Britain, France, and Germany all have such a board. ▓Fo

    ture innovation-
  • driven start-ups, as the government tries to help smaller

    r more views on the new growth enterprise board, we have the chief economist with Sinolink Securities -- Dr. Rock Jin on the phone. Let's get his views.Q1: Hello, Dr Jin, please tell us about the significance of the launch of▓ the growth enterprises board. Why do you

    companies get fi

nancing and encourage technological advances. A Growth E

nterprise Board is a securities market providing fin

ancing for small and medium enterprises an

think the regulator has chosen this time to release the details? Q2: Dr Jin, in your view, do

d new, growing firms. In China, it forms

you think the board's launch will have a positive effect on the mainland's market? Related

part of the multi-layer assets market, to

stories:Full Text: Report on China´s economic, social ▓development planBEIJING, March 15

gether with the main board, small and medi

(Xinhua) -- The following is the full text of the Report on▓ the Implementation of the 2008 Pla


um-sized e▓

n for National Economic and Social Development and on the 2009 Draft Plan for National Economic and Social Developme▓nt, which was submitted on March 5 for review at the Second Session of the 11th National People's Congress: REPORT ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE 2008 PLAN FOR ▓NATIONAL ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND ON THE 2009 DRAFT PLAN FOR NATIONAL ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Second Session of the Eleve

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